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Australia qualify for the World Cup

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I went fvcking spastic.

Helped my DP.

btw the last (and only) time was 1974.
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Tell me about it !!!

I made a point of not trying to watch the game because if they lost I'd be to pissed off to sleep. Anyhow I got sucked in half way through the second half and that was it. I had to watch to the end. The extra time was stressing me out as I was so hoping it would not end in a penalty shootout and sure enough it did. But we won!!!!! I involuntarily jumped off the couch pumping my fist in the air - the excitement possessed me for 30sec or so. Needless to say my DP completely disappeared.

Reticent, I thought your English and here for work? Correct me if I'm wrong, which I probably am.

Go Aussies!!!
For a country with only 20 million people, with a sporting budget only a poofteenth of say China, Europe or the US, we still managed to come third in the last Olympic medal tally. Where was England?

We still may have a miniscule chance in the Soccer as some of the Aussie team members play for you English folk when they're not representing Australia. You have just unwittingly trained your own enemy. Now that would hurt if we beat you.

And if you beat us in cricket or rugby it's only because we let you - out of pity.

The fortitude of the colony plus the multiculturism we have today has made Australia what it is - one of the best places on this planet to live. You English can have the colony the way you left it, we've got it much better now. The biggest mistake the English made was that they should have left the convicts in England and migrated here. The convicts must have been the happiest criminals at that time, laughing at the idiots back home. Anyhow you guys might as well rug up because it must be getting miserably cold there about this time of year :wink:

Good to see you back Marty!
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Seriously Martin, move to Australia, the extra sunlight and the great weather can only to you good (not to mention the extreme therapy you will get from watching the many topless babes and the beach). It may well free you of all this neurotic craziness you're going through. Think about it. I know a few English contractors who are making a killing and enjoying the lifestyle to boot. Actually my sister's x was one such person doing that. For all of you DPers enduring the miserable/depressing cold, come to the land down under. You won't be disappointed.
I'm watching the new and final 'Office' special in the background. Bloody funny show. Gotto love that Gareth.
Mr Mole, when you do we'll have to catch up and drink some of the good Aussie bear that we make (not the Fosters or similar stuff that people are familiar with :)
Reticent, how long have you lived in Austrailia vs England? Do you consider yourself more English or Australia?

Martin, if I found a stress free job that was paying really well I wouldn't be giving it away!

Also I don't think England is as bad as you make it out to be. Still better than most of the world.
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