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au revoir

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Haven't been on here for a couple of days. Nothing personal, but I don't have time now to respond to pm's.

I am leaving the site.
Each and everyone of you - and that includes the people that I don't always see eye to eye with (maybe even more so), you have my sincere affection. I so much hope each of you finds your way out of your own personal nightmares.
This is such a terrible way to live.............and to think of the immense combined suffering we have is too much for me.
I hope you all will give me a break, and try to understand everything I have posted has been done out of caring. I would be the first to agree that I can seem a collossal prick at times, but I tend to get frustrated when a group of people suffering in the same terrible way..........don't always get along. I have never been able to understand it. Differences of opinion are great - and healthy. My problem has been, when it got to the point of personal attacks I would fly off the handle a bit.

Anyway, thank you Rev for providing everyone a forum to be in contact with fellow sufferers. That is sooo huge. Thank you fellow sufferers for taking advantage of the opportunity, and sharing yourselves with the rest.

I'm smiling right now. Because I am crying. Hardly ever do that. Big strong sc bawling his eyes out to a computer screen (I never once said I was "normal").
I hope you all know that, in this odd sort of e-way, I love each of you.

Il est temps pour moi de partir.
Au revoir.
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Why do people feel the need to announce when they leave the board? Whats with the big dramatic exits? If they are so unhappy with this board then leave? Ive read many of these good bye posts from sc and hes always back in a day or 2. Kind of like ol' Rob. I think its just a way to try go get some sympathy or something. We all have to realize that everybody is entitled to his/her opinion. Differing opinions are going to cause conflicts no matter where you go. Plain and simple.
Hi Martin,

Im not taunting anybody. Im just saying it like it is. I dont have empathy for people that repeatedly post these big dramatic exits. It nauseates me. I dont believe sc is going anywhere. If he decides to for real this time, its his decision.
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