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So earlier I went outside to shovel the 20 plus inches of snow that we got and as soon as I looked at the snow, BAM!!!!!!! i just saw tons of floaters & visual disturbances, it was awful. I mean like this is the most that I have ever seen and it was very strange. Does anyone know why this happens?????? Is there any way to prevent it???

lemme know

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I get floaters while staring at like a blank canvas - a wall, overcast or clear sky, or lots of gay snow. Should've worn your purple fade sunglasses with diamond encrusted on the rims like cam'ron or whatever and you'd have been safe.

Today was attack of the forced family bonding in front of the tv to watch the eagles for me.

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I got all of the same symptoms

but yeah next time I go out im actually gonna wear my 1970's Elton John Benny & The Jets Sunglasses

no ****



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Is there any way to prevent it?

Yeah, you move somewhere where it doesn't snow 99 inches. I just walked outside with a short sleeve shirt and shorts on and I walked at least 2 miles without any discomfort at all. You poor bastards up there.I really feel for yall

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Well SB,

The floaters are a result of the breaking down of the vitreous humour inside of the eye. With age, the vitreous liquifies and eventually detaches...breaking up and causing a casting of shadows on your retina.

Aside from this, no one knows why some people tend to get them earlier in life than others, although myopia is a common symptom (the streching of the cornea means the vitreous is more susceptible to breaking up earlier). Personally, i think STRESS is a main factor in the cause of floaters.

Essentially, there's nothing to worry about. They're more of a nuisance than anything else. But if the onset of them was sudden or they're accompanied by flashes of light in the eye (like lightning), they could signal a retina detachment which is VERY serious, and should be examined by an opthamologist immediately. In any case, while most optomotrists scoff at the idea of floaters signifying anything materially wrong with the eye, i would still mention it next time you make an appointment, just so they can check it out.


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Sebastian, good post, but I will now worry

I went to the eye doctor last year, and had an exam and he said my eyes are perfect. My eyes are very sensative, they have always been sensative but now they are even more sensative. I only get floaters when either outside or when looking at a blank white surface or object with fluoresecent lights and sometimes when looking at certain kids of computer screens. I personally think the floaters are marijuana related along with the other Visual disturbances, you know some HPPD. I just hope it gets better. Visual disturbances aren't always permanent right?? I don't get any lightning flashes or anything like that I don't think??

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I really wouldn't worry about it, SB. If your eyesight is perfect then you have even less to worry about.

It basically breaks down like this: The main eye thing that young people have to worry about (besides getting a dagger lobbed through one of them), is retinal detachment. Almost all other eye problems don't happen until you're significantly older. And the chances of someone like you (with perfect eyesight) of getting a retina detachment are so slim that it really isn't worth worrying about. You'd have to get whacked in the eye with a hockey puck or have some other trauma occur that would jar the retina out of place (incidentally, i did get a puck in the eye when i was ten or so...i had to wear a patch over my eye for a month).

Even if somehow you did get a RD, as long as you got to the hospital promptly, they could still repair it.

Floaters, on their own...are nothing more than an annoyance.


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We got 10 inches of snow Friday night. I fucking hate snow. It makes me so angry driving in it because I just want to drive the speed limit and I have to drive like 5 miles an hour. GRRRRRRRRRRR sooo ANNOYING.

oh, bout the floaters. I think everyone has floaters. I've had them forever, but they don't bother me for some reason. It's just natural or whatever.

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floaters are not pleasant to see but they are harmless. Alot of people get them as we age. I went to an eye specialist he told me not to worry they were not harmful in anyway. They can be a nuisance though. I were sunglasses when outside so I do not see them.


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not harmless?!!

sometimes my floaters manifest into the physical realm and actually attack me. Have some consideration please...

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assuming this post is still about floaters..

the only thing i can do with mine is ignore it.. as soon as i start thinking about it.. LIKE NOW GODDAMIT :x .... i see them. its such a horrible feeling and i start getting really nausiated. like dizzy or something because i cant look right at mine they are just out of my direct field of vision.. and everytime i try to look at them they move. its f#cking repulsive. its just like trying to drive with birdshit on the windshield.. but you just cant scrape it off. its beyond irritating. :shock:

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^ I agree with the thinking about it part, that happens to me as well. Alot of times I think about em and BOOM they are there.


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I draw stuff on the computer and have to stare at a white grid for hours on end. It's so annoying. I might try and change the back ground colour to another colour like grey or black or whatever the closest colour to 'floater colour' there is.
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