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at work, but a million miles away

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I'm sitting here, with a pile of ads I have yet to create.

I feel everything and nothing.
I want to cry.
I've been told by someone close to me I've been talking about DP too much lately.
I don't do it for attention, or pity.
He seems to think I'm just reading too much about DP and being in the forums, and have turned into a hypocondriac (sp?)

I don't know anything anymore.
Smile, Irina, smile, don't let them see you fall apart.
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BertoPSU said:
hes probably right you know.... You probably just want to express your emotions, but you could just be obsessing about DP. Its tough on everyone, your not alone.

It feels good to let people know whats up, but if they dont really know the experience, and how it feels to have DP, they can only care so much before they get annoyed.
I don't know what to say, not say, do, not do, think, feel...anything. I keep reaching out, and my hand always slips. I don't like how i's affecting people in my life. I'll go back to suffering alone, everyone was happy then. Now I just anger, confuse, and mess things up.
You're right :oops:

What are you studying? Your major in college, I mean.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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