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At my witts end with depersonalization.

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I'm literally at my witts end with this condition. I just want to be me again. Starting to fall into depression again with it because I just feel like this will never go. Everyday I wake up with hope and it's there 24/7. I have no fight in me anymore, I am so mentally drained from this. No one understands and when I do try and open up I just get looked at like I have two heads. It's getting so bad now I actually feel like I am starting to go fucking crazy. I look around my house and I feel like I don't know who the fuck I am and where the hell I am, I don't recognise anything the way I use to and my memories are so faded and seem so fake. I feel so blocked mentally. I have got to the point now I don't even give a shite anymore, I just want to be me. Depersonalization has ruled my life now for nine months and I have had enough of it all. I know it's the depression talking but I just think to myself what is the point anymore, what's the point in living this life fighting everyday and never getting better. I hate how normal people can just go about there day and not have to deal with shit like this....everyday is just a battle now not to break down.

Going to see my Dr about medication and what they can do. Please let this be over with soon :( I miss me so much I want MY life back. I feel like someone has literally stole it from me.
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Totally agree hun. I feel so down and been crying all night. I don't even know how to explain this to a Dr....I don't even know how the hell to describe it. I tried to explain to my husband and he looks at me like I have six heads. I agree and the Zoloft helps tremendously with the anxiety but not with the depersonalization. In some ways it has helped but in some ways it has not. I feel like my moods are alot more stable & I don't feel no where as anxious as I was. I haven't the my house in months because I just don't want to face the world.
Sorry to hear you are suffering this much, but this rut you feel you're in right now will pass. Things always change in life, that is one thing you can count on. Never stop losing hope. People recover from this and you will too.

Have you thought of combining lamotrigine to your Zoloft (sertraline)? There are some studies suggesting that the combo of an SSRI and lamotrigine can actually reduce depersonalization symptoms in some people. Check these out if your interested:
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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