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today i had an appointment to assess which psycotheraphy i need....i was referred by the community mental health team.....i had hoped that i would be put forward for cbt.....but this is not to be....

....after a long talk with the therapist there is no doubt that i have dp and we have actually come to the root course of it.....which is trying to intigrate 2 families into one home[ by that i mean my kids, me, my partner, and his kids]. we have quite a few problems in our house due to my parners ex wife turning her kids against me and the way my partner describes it is that i am been after years of this my mind decided to take a break....thus the dp.....

.....the psychotherapist is putting me and my partner into some sort of counselling[not fo probs with us] to help fix the family problems so that there will be no need for my mind to hide anymore.....i will no longer need to protect myself from how i am living....

........i am really hoping that this is going to help me and put me back on to a level of normal functioning, if not i will try again for the cbt, but at the mo he said that would only give a quick fix and not stop this happening again.....

......wish me luck.....[/b]
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