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Artificial lights

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Does anyone have a real problem with artificial lights? e.g. tube lights

I used to work in a typical office skyscraper and the tube lights absolutely ruined my experience. It was like the icing on a cake made of dp/dr. I used to get into work early to try and get a desk near a window with natural light.

Im sure working under artificial lights made me unreasonably tired by the end of the day.
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If its not natural bright sunlight I hate it....Artificial light plays havoc with my eyes...

Ive also always hated dull grey days and environments with poor lighting for as long as I can remember...Dulls my mood and makes me feel miserable...

S A D during the dark winter period is the norm for me....The difference in my mood during the long bright summer days and the long dark winter nights is chalk and cheese....
Im an Electrician and I can tell you that LEDs are the way forward....The light from them is much more natural....I replaced every bulb in our house with LEDs recently too...

They save you a fortune in the long run also...

You will also be contributing to a greener planet...
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Yep, I try to avoid all stores really, I usually only shop online for this very reason. When walking around stores I feel off-balance and floaty. The people milling about, the products on the shelves, it all kind of comes at me and makes my head swim. I always felt worse when seeing doctors and psychiatrists about my DP too, and it took me a while to figure out it was due to the lighting in their offices.
Exactly what this says!!! :sad:
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