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So i was feeling pretty good today, overall less dp'd/dr'd. Then I was reading a book and a song popped into my head and it's like it overwhelmed me and I got mad at it (kind of weird, long story...i was reading the autobiography of Tammy Faye and James Bakker's son, and it's a Frank zappa song making fun of them) and it was this weird dp/dr state where I was mad at what was in my head. However, I think part of it is becasue I'm realizing all this unresolved anger that I have in me. I just wish this damn thing would go away and not come back! Part of the problem now is I"m just feeling kind of lost, like "what is the point of life, what am I doing, why am I doing it." But I guess those questions can arise from the dp state, not vice versa. Sigh. Onward I go.
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