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are these symptoms of DP

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I was just wondering if anyone else shares these symptoms...I'm sure they are part of DP but it would be helpful if there are others out there that share them.

- Talking seems weird. It feels as though its not me talking and I keep wondering how I know what I am going to say in each sentence and how I know what word follows the next one.

- My thoughts feel as though they have been amplified. They dont just drift normally. Each thought almost echoes in my head and I'm constantly aware of them.

- My thought almost feel as though they dont come from me. I know they do, but they feel as though they dont. If a random song or thought pops in my head I keep questioning "why did I think of that?" Which has turned into an obsession in itself because whenever I think of something random I question where it comes from.

I also seem to have an obsession about questioning the workings of my brain. If I know the answer to something I keep questioning HOW did I know the answer etc etc (which is really getting very tiresome!)

Thanks for replying

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I think my DP started after I suffered an large amount of anxiety and started to worry I was going to go insane.

This fear made me watch every single thought I had incase I said something 'not right' or that didnt make sense. I had read somewhere that schizophrenics give answers that dont follow the question thats been asked so I was pettrified that would happen to me.

I was also scared of my thoughts (e.g if I thought about crashing my car - something I would never do in reality) I was worried I'd follow it through so I watched my thoughts even more.

So I can kind of see how I got into the I just need to figure a way out of it!!
When we turn ourselves inside out, we start looking/noticing the experience of BEING SELF more than we "use" self to experience the world. We implode our sense of reality in a way, and it's like a computer (with artificial intelligence) being told to examine its own "thinking" to such a degree that it chases its own tail until it eventually shuts down in overwhelm.
Oh by the way this makes perfect sense. It is like being turned inside out. I was told by a psychologist that we can not be the observer and the obserbed because it doesnt work as you would need two people for that and there is only one of us.
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