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are there people are just annoyed by DP/DR?

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Are there people who are not annoyed by DP/DR?

I mean it's not devastating, it doesn't just leave you have a (desirable) amount of joy from the world (alternatively, from "reality")?
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i think that it most definately can be devastating to our lives. i would say that when my dp/dr was very severe, i decided that if i didn't get over it, i would kill myself...that's a bit devastating.
yup :( after i got over it i made that same sort of pact with myself. if it ever comes back (as severe as it was) i would rather die than go through it again. it is back to a very mild degree. i can live with how dp/dred i feel sometimes now-a-days...not if it gets severe again.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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