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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I've just finish reading "Stranger to Myself" and I think it is the most helpful and understandable piece of paper in the world that describes this disorder and its outcomes on ones brain and consciousness. It literally open up your knowledge on the disorder and it could be a real ray of hope for the sufferers like us.

For those of us that have read this or they just feel wise enough to post a substantial advise my question is just one: Are the medications fundamental for the recovery or the psychologist therapies might be enough?

Because I understood that, even with a full understanding of the disorder, the writer got a real improvement only under medications. If this is the case I would immediately come back to the psychiatrist for changing the "cocktail". I am not trying to make a shortcut, I am really in full and open understanding of the disorder and I know that there are not "magic bullets". I would just know if medications are fundamental for the recovery.

Thanks and
All the best
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