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Hey, so I see I upset some people with my views. I was told that I was dismissing their pain. That definitely wasn't my intention.

I was aiming to shed hope on this condition. I've had it too. The worst of the worst. Thinking it would never get better. This board was my main hobby back then.

I didn't recover by any quick fix. I don't believe in those. It takes time. It took for me years of therapy and other things to turn things around.

My intention wasn't to be harsh, but to say that there is hope no matter how bad you feel. This is a curable condition and it does not have to be forever.

It is complex and everyone's recovery is different, but it can be done.

Apologies to those I offended.
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I just think that someone who takes there own life has reached their limit as regards the amount of suffering he/she could take...

Ive been close to suicide on several occasions myself.....I did actually want to die I just hadnt got the balls to do it myself...

If euthanasia had been legal back then when I was in that pain I would have taken the option and switched myself off painlessly....

I look at suicide in a different way nowadays (now that ive been through many years of mental ill health and suffering myself) I do not think its a cowardly or selfish act....I believe to pluck up the guts to take your own life means the person in question was in a place of suffering where they believed the only way to achieve peace was to end their own life...

Ive seen many young people around me take their own lives...And then the families are left puzzled as to why the person did it... " But he never told us he was feeling like that "....... Is what they say..............."Maybe you werent listening" ....Is what I say.............

Too many self centered people in the world so caught up in their own wants and needs that many others are left forgotten about...Its the way of the modern world unfortunately....When I was hospitalized in the psyche ward years ago I saw men and women that had been there years....Not even a visitor in months...Their families and friends had basically abandoned them.....Very very sad....
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