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Hey, so I see I upset some people with my views. I was told that I was dismissing their pain. That definitely wasn't my intention.

I was aiming to shed hope on this condition. I've had it too. The worst of the worst. Thinking it would never get better. This board was my main hobby back then.

I didn't recover by any quick fix. I don't believe in those. It takes time. It took for me years of therapy and other things to turn things around.

My intention wasn't to be harsh, but to say that there is hope no matter how bad you feel. This is a curable condition and it does not have to be forever.

It is complex and everyone's recovery is different, but it can be done.

Apologies to those I offended.
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Indeed the suicidal mind is difficult to describe and to overcome. You just have to know that if the identification with the suicidal mind is too strong, there is unbelievably pain. You just don't know because everyone is conditioned differently. I am in that state and I wish I wasn't. My mind switched and suddenly, within one week, I had suicidal thoughts caused by my mind. It is torture because you see no way out of your thoughts.
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