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You went on the jerry springer show!!! Thats amazing to me. Sounds very much like a panic attacks and poss panic disorder. When we first have a panic attack we scan to find out what the danger is. When there is not an obvious source our brain comes up with reasons-usually the worst case senario-I'm going to die, Im going crazy ect. These thoughts then lead to your body responding with more fear ending up in whats called the panic cycle. One feeding off the other. Only advice i can give you is dont buy into the thoughts. Challenge and come up with alternatives. ie: i am not going crazy i am reacting to stress right now. Try to relax your body and slow breathing. Visit some panic sites and they should be able to also give you lots of info.
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When I first got sick, I had major insomnia and I had it for years. I had insomnia because my mind wouldn't stop having these random, pointless thoughts (i wasn't worrying). Paxil helped me heaps. Try writing out your frustrations when this happens. That seemed to help too. Of course there's the no caffeine after noon, exercise during the day, keep your room as dark as possible, don't work in your room type of approach as well.
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