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Hello everyone:

I have been dealing with panic disorder since I was seventeen years old. This also included DP/DR. I was prescribed paroxetine and both the panic disorder and DP/DR faded for sixteen years. Unfortunately, I had a recurrence last year and my anxiety and DP/DR has returned. I have had no positive response from medication and/or psychotherapy. It has been nearly one and half year. I have recently started 10mg fluoxetine
(4 days ago). Prior to that I was on sertraline which had no effect. I went on a 2 month break from taking any SSRI's and then started fluoxetine. I also take clonazepam as needed.

I was wondering if there folks from the Toronto/ GTA that would like to share experiences because there are virtually no community support groups for folks suffering from DP/DR here in Toronto/ GTA.

Thank you all for your consideration. I wish you all speedy recoveries and good health.

Peace and love.

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