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Anyone try CBD oil?

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Hey guys was wondering if anyone has tried cbd oil I’ve heard a few good things about it for anxiety but not much on dp/dr! Thanks!
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Okay thanks guys I just ordered some high quality cbd! Won't hurt to give it a go I don't mind paying if it does any improvement whatsoever!
Any updates?
What about taking CBD with an SSRI? Not regularly but just every now and then to relax?
You should be fine, I used it to get off my medication with no side effects or withdrawal symptoms but ask your dr if you want. I had asked mine and he didn't even know what cbd was
I will update my experience here, I have been taking 30mg of gummies a day (I'm in the uk and use the brand 'yumi' that has been the best and cheapest I have tried). That isn't to say its cheap atm. Its cost my about £36 for 3 weeks worth at 30mg a day, but with time prices will come down, ESPECIALLY when they start to synthesise it in the lab which they have already figured out they can do. So hopefully within the next year prices will fall as you won't need all the licenses etc to grow it.

For me I sleep better, feel more relaxed, and I socialised today the best I have in as long as I can remember. So good things, has been about a week atm, so good signs. I drink hemp tea, loose leaf in a tea strainer then a bag of chamomile in there and honey with it. Can't taste the hemp and it gets that little bit extra of cbd throughout the day. Then a bit of oil at the end of the day. I imagine with all that I am getting around 50mg a day... I am guna stick to this over time, I think eating is the best way to go.

Vaping or smoking which I have tried didnt have the same impact. Perhaps because we are obsessed with getting it to the brain, but throughout the gut it must stimulate the nervous system anyway and I think that is felt throughout the body anyway. It is definitely worth the shot, I have tried it before recently as I was convinced it helped me last time, but I did smoke on the 2nd attempt. This 3rd time is better and I mainly take gummies, oil and tea
Glad it's working for you. The vitamin stores in the US are finally selling cbd. They finally have the first cbd brand I used that was slightly effective. I'll try it again but at a higher dose. If that does help, then I'll try lions mane.
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