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Anyone tried these?

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Has anyone tried Wood Betony, Calamus and pedicularis? I haven't seen anyone on this site use them. I went to my local health food store (no store has these specific herbs because they're not as popular) but they said they will order it for me. I went to almost every health store in my state, they didn't have these. Supposedly they're herbs to help dissociative symptoms.

"wood betony (Stachys off.)
Wood Betony gently draws one back into the body across a wide spectrum of dissociative causes from traumatic experience to overwhelming cerebral input to just a too-busy or too cerebral day. Betony is handy in the moment of trauma but is particularly great as an aid in long term recovery. Traditionally, betony is also taken for concussion - having your head rattled. Betony is also excellent in recovering from flashbacks, and keeping a person grounded in the present." "Calamus is another warming stimulant, as well as being grounding and calming. A superb digestive bitter, Calamus assists in shifting into parasympathetic nervous function via the enteric nervous system." "Kava and Pedicularis both have profound muscle relaxant effects, which can help a person drop down into the body and become present - along temporal, spatial, emotional, and spiritual axes"
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