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Anyone tried Fluanxol? Has it helped you.

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I have been perscribed by my doctor, Fluanxol in 500mcg tablets. I have very scared of taking medication and he recommened that I should take one when I am having a 'moment'. Which I have been doing, but the dont reduce my DP/DR they just make me feel relaxed. Am I taking too little. Any one else got involved in this? In the U.S. it might be under another name.
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Hi guys,

I would really appreciate it if you guys could give an update on the Fluanxol? By that I mean Rah as well as Guest_CharlieD. How have you experienced the Fluanxol? I've also been prescribed FLuanxol, but only 0,5 mg twice a day. I dont know whether it will help me or that I have to get to a higher dosage before I will notice any changes. So I really need your guys help, so I can tell my psychiatrist what to do. She told me she doesnt know what to do.

I really appreciate you guys reacting.

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