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Anyone regain reality after long-term/chronic DP/DR

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I'd like to know if anyone has had success or heard of others who've had success getting over DP/DR either partially or completely after 10 years plus. The reason is I haven't really ever attempted to get over "it" because I didn't know what "it" was until last year. I just figured I was alone. Now I'm starting to experiment with meds and I would just like to find out if there is hope for long-sufferers, not just drug induced sufferers. Thanks!!!
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MentallyIll said:
What amazes me is that theres no cure for this, it must be the most life-devastating condition besides schizophrenia ever known to man...
I've been to several therapists/psychologists and they all just shuv it away like "your having anxiety ANXIETY ANXIETY!"
flower*, but I think if we all worked together, made a plan or something, we could figure this whole thing out...
well in fact, it is quite possible the shrinks are right, there's very little people with primary dp/dr, most of them have it just secondary to some kind of anxiety disorder, believe me, anxiety can do quite a lot of things to a person. But on the other hand, from what i read here, quite a lot of people, who have suffered from anxiety have overcome it with usual rx meds but the dp, which was then believed to be a secondary reaction to the anxiety did not go away....
Anyway...chronic DP...when is it already "chronic" and when is it just "temporary"?....I mean mine's been going on for 3 motnhs, which isn't much yet, as I have found out from the stories of other members. Is 3 months already chronic? It would be interesting to know, how long does a "temporary" DP episode lasts, if there is such thing.
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