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Anyone regain reality after long-term/chronic DP/DR

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I'd like to know if anyone has had success or heard of others who've had success getting over DP/DR either partially or completely after 10 years plus. The reason is I haven't really ever attempted to get over "it" because I didn't know what "it" was until last year. I just figured I was alone. Now I'm starting to experiment with meds and I would just like to find out if there is hope for long-sufferers, not just drug induced sufferers. Thanks!!!
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I'm 21 now and I've had DP since I was 16. I don't really believe it'll ever go away. I learned to live with it after so many years but in the last 2 weeks it got extremely worse. I now believe it's in its chronic stages and my fear is that it will continue to get worse. I don't know how to live with it right now. It's horrible. And if it gets worse, which I believe it will, then I'm doomed.

I can't tell the difference between having anxiety or possibly something else anymore. The way I've been feeling lately is really scaring me. Possibly psychotic or something. Not sure.
Yeah I guess it unleashed everything. I started smoking weed at 14 and the one night when I was 16, after smoking my millonth joint, i got hit with a sudden anxiety attack, and ive been dp'ed ever since. along with panic attacks, depression, ocd i think, and now what appears to be delusional thinking. its been a bad week. i was so used to the dp and all of a sudden im totally screwed up. my luvox isnt working anymore and ive got anxiety to the full effect.
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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