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Anyone ordered from UkResearchChemicals? / NSI 189 topic

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NSI - 189 is something I want to try, this is not FDA approved and anyone considering this should do the research. I've done some, I am currently researching why it failed it's last Trial, so i'll do some research and share what I figure out with some actual references.

But you don't have to go far just type in NS-189 and see that Reddit, Longecity and other forums are saying it's the most effective thing in depression and emotions they have tried, I read research THAT CLAIMED "A 20% hippocampal increase (which) is 4x more effective than what's currently on the market" (we are talking about in rats, like all drugs are trailed on) - Reference to above


This thread is more a quick one to say has anyone used UkResearchChemicals?

This seems like the only source out in plain view and i need more information before just buying some research powder, unfortunately all I got was a sales woman who could guarantee it would arrive but i wanted the lab testing..
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Oh i'll get mine out of the cupboard again before i make a move :)
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