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Anyone now taking B6, notice anything. I think I do...

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I just started taking B6 vitamins because I heard about the thread that was started a few weeks ago in combonation with 5htp or something it worked really well for dp/dr in that person.

Well I started taking it I take about 150mg to 200mg a day, with meals. I started taking it thursday I think and I have been feeling more "with it" than I have been normally. I alsohave been experiencing more headaches and stronger ones than usaual, I dont know if its me thinking about it or what. I feel like I have more energy and I am more awake "with it"-like than I was before.

I dont think too much of it is from my mental thinking I really think that it is making someone of a difference.

I would just like to hear what everyone else's experience with it is.
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I take 100mg of B6, started on Saturday, and I feel more awake in the mornings. I didn't attribute it to the vitamins until you mentioned it.
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