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Anyone know Classical Music theory?

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I do not want to actually LEARN anything, lol..but what I'm looking for is this:

I want to write something that compares Bach's musical style to a person's verbal presentation style. Example: (and remember, I'm a musical idiot, so this is probably WRONG, but I'm just trying to explain what I'm looking for). "Person X speaks in a way reminiscent of Bach's music - he carries an undercurrent of a strong melodic line, but layers in recurring themes, often discordant, but textured so carefully that it seems you are hearing every piece of music ever written."

That's the "gist" of the kind of thing I want to say.

What in particular to Bach's style would lend itself to a comparison of how someone talks?

Thank YOU, in advance,
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i was trained in music theory and the cello. i think if you write what you're trying to say in your own words it might be good, or you could then look up the technical words for some of your descriptions and substitute them. see what it sounds like. nice idea; when you get it together i'd love to read it
or if it's a particular piece and you know the bits of it that you want to equate to something, you could look up critics of it and in this way pinpoint in words the bit you want to equate if you know what i mean
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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