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Anyone know Classical Music theory?

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I do not want to actually LEARN anything, lol..but what I'm looking for is this:

I want to write something that compares Bach's musical style to a person's verbal presentation style. Example: (and remember, I'm a musical idiot, so this is probably WRONG, but I'm just trying to explain what I'm looking for). "Person X speaks in a way reminiscent of Bach's music - he carries an undercurrent of a strong melodic line, but layers in recurring themes, often discordant, but textured so carefully that it seems you are hearing every piece of music ever written."

That's the "gist" of the kind of thing I want to say.

What in particular to Bach's style would lend itself to a comparison of how someone talks?

Thank YOU, in advance,
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most of the worlds greatest musicians dont know a thing about music theory....i believe music is all about feeling...if youve got that vibe its going to happen,i have taught many friends how to play the guitar and i always tell them anyone can learn to hold down a chord,its what you do with your strumming hand thats important....this has nothing to do with the question but is a feeling
lennon & mcartney couldnt read music,and they didnt do too bad
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