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anyone into live music? actual living ;)

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anyone in London or brighton

my band has got 2 (Worth it) shows coming up ;)

London - The Bedford - 18th March (

Brighton - Lates music bar - E.P Launch - 28th february (

scrappy old video but you will get the idea (

take note of the lyrics in the chorus as well this might help when you feel panicy outside. aha :)
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I always wanted to be a musician, but cos of my problems I was always too phobic to get on stage and perform :(

I always admire people that do that. Takes, as you say, bollocks ;)

I used to skateboard too, but seemed to lose my sense of balance as I got taller!
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it is louis btw not louise aha ;) you wish i was louise lol

and whos a skateboarder ha i dunno none of us what make you say that?

name of the band = Woodland Blue

and phantasm you need to desensitise the stage nerves... same as anxiety ;)
I guess you're always going to get some nerves getting on stage -even seasoned performers say they get nervous- but like a good nervous, not completely irrational nervous where you're jumping at your own shadow or think your having a heart attack! Lol

I reckon it's one of those where you just gotta get up there and do it, no? I think I probably could now, although I'd want to be with a band, not by myself. And I might need a few drinks! It must be such a buzz.

@DPD2 Lol, yep, but I think it's "Sk8r Boi", or someshit like that! Lol
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yee you just gotta do it and you will love it, i mean it, love it, and yee the nerves are always there but they aare the feel good ones not the horrible unwanted nerves.

and after a playing a big gig with a lot of people there god is the buzz good, i usually get shivers down my spine when paying a really good gig, but when i was really dp'd/numb i would not get any feeling and it would be shit ahaha.

but now i am not dp'd i can really feel the music :)

i would give you lot a listen to the new e.p we just recorded but i might get in trouble aha

i will post it on here as soon as i am allowed to use it.
love it, love the dub stuff- Nature- and the band music was really good, man :) seventeen. R u the singer? I like the female singer too
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