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anyone have that attitude? and jelousey

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anyone feel like they just dont give a shit about everything.. everything that ur spose to do in life is soo hard. im 20 ive had it for 6 odd years and i fucking hate alot of stuff, when i see people really happy i hate them.. i know its not real etc but when i see see on tv when everyone is really happy all i ever say is cunts, cant stand all these shallow pricks, basically i hate to see people really happy. Im the nicest person ever i never did anything wrong to anyone and i feel sooo done over, im sure thats how alot of people with dp feel, cus u can only get dp if ur that sorta person. oh i dont know im soo outa it i dont know where ive been in the last 2 months i dont even really remeber it, i dont get anxeity soo why is it still here? i thought this was an anxeity disorder, basically all i wanna say is fuck everything noone understands me im stuck in this completely fucked up world. i know i have such a nice personality but where the fuck has it gone im nothing at the mo.... theres not much i expect people to say back to this, but i cant rant on like this to anyone else .. soo im just realiseing what i feel .. i know u guys know what im feeling ... how long can i take it, thats the prob ....i hate everything.. jamie
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you don't really know that those haughty people are having fun.

and usually

they're not.

and they'll probably suffer for much longer than you will

because they haven't hit "bottom" and realized their need for help

and so they will go through life wondering what is wrong and never being able to really fix it unless a catastrophe happens to them

but you...will need to seek help, therapy, and support of some sort. and that will teach you things. and make you happier. with less issues. and those people will still be battling with more issues than you will.

it will be snazzy.
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that's because they need to act like it!
you're so certain that they're happy!
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