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Anyone Had To Go Through...

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the death of a family/friend member whilst in a dp/dr state?

my nan is very sick and may not be around much longer...

this scares me more than anything in the world right now! she is my closest family member and death scares me so very much...but the death of another REALLY scares me much more!

these thoughts make me feel so sick and even more dp'ed and dr'ed...

i am trying not to think of all this but it is so hard not to...

anyone else relate to what i am talking about?

how did the loss of a loved one effect your dp/dr?

i know it sounds selfish but i am scared how my dp/dr might change in such a situation...i am really trying not to think like this but it is so hard!

thank you for reading...
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You are not being selfish at all, you are being honest, we all worry about how we will 'feel' when something bad happens.

For you, you have the added worry of having to deal with it when you are vulnerable. Of course you are concerned.

When the time comes, you will not feel as terrible as you think, we all have inner resources that help us through. Quite often people cope better than they think they will. I've also noticed that people on this website seem to cope remarkably well with more 'tangible' worries. I think because it is dealing within the realm of reality as opposed to something existentialist or a neurotic worry, that it is not, in an odd way, as scary or isolating as something that other people don't understand.
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