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Anyone gotten benefit from EMDR, brainspotting or acupuncture?

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I have had dp for about 10 years. It is relatively stable now but still interferes with my life a lot. I currently manage with exercise, medications and mindfulness. I recently went back to talk therapy which did not help much as it was all about my past and trying to find trauma that I don't consider myself to have had. Anyone tried these other things like EMDR or brainspotting or acupuncture? I'm open to new things and potential tools.

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Honestly at this point, I don't think there is a cure. I just really accepted it as a fact of life - I feel like once you call DP real life, that is real life now? Who can prove otherwise? Maybe we've always had DP, like DP is a state in which you are over analyzing what it is to feel real anyway.
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