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anyone got it through alcohol?

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Hi everyone! Im new here

I think I must suffer with the worse case of derealization, even though i havent been diagnosed! It first started happening when I got drunk ..weird sensations happend to me and then i was left with this horrible thing which i thought was a sight problem.
Years later I got that drunk again not thinking it was the alcohol ...this problem got worse ...the last 3 years have been utter hell and i cannot describe how its messed up my life, I feel sooo drunk all the time and it also feels like having a migraine ...sometimes the fear takes control and i think anything could happen cos nothing seems real at all. I find simple things very hard to do and all i want to do is feel normal again before i really go mad!!

Please anyone contact me who feels the same, id love to hear from you!

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I didn't get "it" through alcohol, but I can tell you that I speak for many here when I say that alcohol - particularly the morning after a night of heavy drinking - makes it a helluva lot worse.
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