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anyone got any tips for accepting?

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Hi, the main reason I’m in this high stress state is because of my symptoms... I am well and truly in the cycle, I wake up to an anxiety attack nearly every morning because I know it’s another day feeling like yesterday which I barely made it through, I understand the DPDR and why I’ve got it tell myself it’s just anxiety but I’m scared one of these days it’s going to push me over the edge I find my symptoms so uncomfortable and triggering- my reality doesn’t feel real and neither do I, I just feel like a empty though floating around somewhere like I’m on auto pilot and robotic I have anxiety constantly all day everyday and I know until I can be at peace with them I’ll never Recover... anyone got any tips for accepting?
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Mindfulness/Focus Meditation and Secular Buddhism Philosophy + truly knowing in my bones that anxiety is the root cause and instead of focusing on the symptom focusing on a solution (it's hard to just accept something without redirecting your attention elsewhere) + Time + Optimism is what helped me accept and move on.
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