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My huge break through panic attack 3 yrs ago, i was on effexor for 2 years. And 3 years on paxil before that. 5 years w/o panic.
Now i have complete SSRI poop out. Tried them all over 3 years, all make me worse.
Doc is thinking about switching classes, perhaps TCA.
Any good stories?
I understand the tiredness and dry mouth SE's, how bout sexual? not as bad as SSRI's (god willing).
Which ones have the least SE's?
I'm more concerned about them working for anxiety and depression, not so much DR.

Any advice is much appreciated.


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I take desipramine in conjunction with lexapro and it's proven very effective at thwarting depression. The SE of dry mouth lasted a few weeks then went away. As to sexual side effects I have not noticed anything dramatic.

My doc once thought to change classes too, to TCA (Anafranil).

I tell myself it's my last choice if I got worse on Paxil. I am down on 15 mg, because with 20 mg for now it was too much.

But I truly believe that if you can cope with side effects, TCA must be great choice for dr.

Cynthia :)
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