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Anyone forgot what things used to be like?

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Can't seem to remember how things used to feel like, memories, what it was like to have emotions, how my vision used to be, how my hands used to look etc,how I used to think and sleep even.

Keep having thoughts that this is not DP but some form of ego death due to letting my thoughts run wild and not trying to fight the dp back, essentially giving up trying to fight, trying to get better.

Anyone else?
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Yeah it's crazy it feels like my subconscious has swapped with my consciousness, thinking feels more like dissociating but now I'm unable to tell the difference. I know and have memories of stuff but have no connection to anything, constant deciding whether to say something when it pops into my head. Having no sense of self is just horrible. I hope it does get better guys, feels like inner death, im just a shell.

All the best guys.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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