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I have dp and recently very severe dr. I was originally diagnosed with moderate social anxiety (I was never without a friend or two though or a bf) and recently some depression. Since getting dp and esp the increased dr (from drug use), I find myself very withdrawn socially and extremely quiet. 24/7 zoned out high on the clouds or somewhere. I try hard to come down to earth but it's not working. Everything just feels pointless including having friends. I've since joined two courses and in those I'd only participate in class, but hardly ever talked to fellow students. They told me you're very quiet which I have always perceived as a sign of weakness and thus hurt me. I used to be able to connect with people but not anymore now. I don't really get anxious talking to strangers (I take an antidepressant) but if it was for befriending someone, then it reminds me of my non existent boring personality, and hearing my strange voice makes me want to stop talking. I feel weird around people and I start to question if they can feel it too.

I'm very sure the AD Cymbalta is actually worsening my dr to an unbearable degree but I can't stop taking it, as it controls my social anxiety and somewhat depression. I just don't know what to do anymore.
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