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Anyone feel way more out of it when they drink?

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Had 4 drinks and feel so much more disconnected and unconscious than ever. Wish I could figure this shit out: I used to love drinking and socializing but now I can’t even talk after I drink because I have zero brain power
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Alcohol can be something of a disaster with DP because it interferes with our brain chemistry so much. What I've learned with DP so far is that if you're going through a period of coping relatively well, don't rock the boat. It's a delicate balance of brain chemicals that are allowing you to sort of basically function and get through the day. But alcohol is like a bulldozer in that regard - it comes in and fucks everything up. This is especially true if you're on any kind of medication. Those meds are working to ensure you can walk that tightrope of sanity, and alcohol can either interact badly with them (ie. cause a physical reaction that can even put you in the hospital) or else cancel out the effect of your meds so that you're basically back to being a trembling wreck, crippled with anxiety all over again.

I miss alcohol, and the way it used to make me feel, just like I miss the old me. But the few times I have tried to combine DP/meds/alcohol I have regretted it every time. I guess there's no going back at this stage.
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