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This is really strang and im not even sure if its a dp/dr thing.
I keep feeling as if i feel what others are experiancing, even people in videos or movies. This is mainly a problem with negative themes. As a more tame example, i couldnt open a jar and handed it to my sister, when she took it to give it a try, my muscles tensed involuntarily as she squeezed and twisted it as if i were doing it with her and i had to notice it to make my muscles stop. My dpdr makes this sensation worse because i feel as if im not in control of my actions. I do this with nearly everything. This gets espessially disturbing if i am watching something with darker themes such as murder. If i see someone in a movie get stabbed or killed, i imagine vividly what it would feel like. I cant help it and i try to distract myself as soon as possible. I avoid darker or scarier topics and media for this reason. Its like i can feel the pain or other sensations that come with it. I cant even handle it if someone tells me someone got shot in the head on the news or something. Ive never been shot in the head obviously but i think about how it would feel for the bullet to slide through or for the blood and tissue to leak out or into the brain. Then on the other hand, i have this additude towards death that it doesnt really matter if we die cause thats just an inevitability. Its like i similtaniously fear and dont care about death happening.
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