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Anyone else?

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Can anyone else LITERALLY see themselves or the body they left behind?
When i have my out of body experience i Float above my body and i can see my body or myself but im outside of it somewhere different,
this makes me question a lot what i am if he is not me-
but yeah can anyone see themselves?
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I don't think it is possible to actually see ourselves, but it can probably feel exactly like that. Or maybe our mind can "hallucinate" something to make sense of the fact that we feel so much out of our bodies. If you could really see yourself from behind, you could ask someone to put a sticker with color on your back, and if you really see your body you should be able to tell the color of that sticker. My guess is that the brain can just create an image that explains why it feels like that, either we can hallucinate it or it can be a vivid mental picture, or it can feel exactly as if. If we could really see our back from outside it would be easy to demonstrate rigorously and we would know it by now, given the amount of people who have that impression and could try it.
What I had for a while, though, was that I felt like my body didn't exist where I was not seeing it. So if I didn't see my legs, I felt like I was floating in the air. If I didn't see any part of my body, it was like a bodyless soul floating in space. It happened mostly when I was in a place lit by neons.
That might just be it and yeah im sure it's not that i see myself live, it might just be my self perception but it's still weird feeling to me since sometimes i can just see myself as in 2nd person but yeah- I dont know what's going onnn
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