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Gonna try to keep this short. Does anyone else feel like your dpdr is an endless circle of DP and DR? At first all I felt was derealisation, then all I felt was depersonalisation, now it’s switching them like crazy. My derealisation started when I was too focused on myself, and when it started going away I realised that I hadn’t thought about myself but about my environment for several months (which led me to depersonalisation instead). Nowadays it can literally switch from one hour to another. I’ll only think about how weird everything looks for a while, and then I realise that I’m then disconnected entirely from my body and usual thoughts. It’s gone so far that I’ve felt like my thoughts were not my own (which led me to thinking I have a psychosis/schizophrenia, leading to a panic attack). Dp has really made me question, are these thoughts really coming from me? It’s just an endless circle of painful symptoms. Does anyone else feel like this?
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