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anyone else into nlp and all that???

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hey, as im sure many of you lot are im heavily into pyscology, im aslo really into card magic and mentalism. I study alot of nlp and am really into mind control aspects of magic which is quite strange for someone that is extremly dped. Derren brown is the most amzing preformer of this and just wondered how u would feel coming in contact with someone that has alot of control over behaviour etc. bit of a weird question, wondered about this for a while. jamie
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really? you're into nlp? that's cool I got these paraliminals tapes by this dude Paul Sheele

i'm curious, does nlp help you alot in your daily life? i'm sure it does since it's all about mind control, what books/programs have you studied? i'm really thinking about getting my hands on some of that stuff and try it out, just no cash right now. plus i don't even know how i'd manage all that stuff, sounds complicated and could be potentially dangerous?

how does it help you in life? can you tell of how u feel while under hypnosis - does it really help you be "personal" in any way you'd like?are you able to control yourself in empowering ways, and lead a normal life? can you hypnotize yourself, and others? ? more more input
i'm gonna be ordering some NLP books, see if it can do anything to help my DP
hey man, i just got my nlp books, i got the book nlp: the new technology of achievement and you won't believe the wonders its doing for my dp. i'm feeling in control again and i'm more motivated and just "in the moment" for everything without the bogus past/future interlap i used to have. wow, it's pretty unbelievable that a few simple exercises can do that to you. i wonder, is it that through the exercises you can improve the function of the software you have? is that how it works?
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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