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anyone else into nlp and all that???

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hey, as im sure many of you lot are im heavily into pyscology, im aslo really into card magic and mentalism. I study alot of nlp and am really into mind control aspects of magic which is quite strange for someone that is extremly dped. Derren brown is the most amzing preformer of this and just wondered how u would feel coming in contact with someone that has alot of control over behaviour etc. bit of a weird question, wondered about this for a while. jamie
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ummmm?? did u reply to the wrong message or did u get the complete wrong end of that :lol: ???
im alot more into nlp for magic, but i do use it to help my social interactions, and just because im extremly intrested in psycology. Im not too sure about hypnotising, ive read alot of books about it, but have yet to experience it, or practice it. Im sure some aspects of nlp could help in self help dp, but you do have to think about your on behaviour, reactions etc which leads you to think about how you feel extra. I think hypnositm might be a bit dodgy as most people with dp cant handle any alterrations to the brain. Im just mainly into because i dont know how not to be into it, ever since i was about 14 i loved analysing people and trying to manipulate the way they acted I didnt know anything about nlp back then, i just sorta made up my own technquies. peace jay
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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