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Anyone else have PTSD?

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Hiya guys...just wondering does anyone else have dp/dr as a part of post traumatic stress disorder? my pyschs have decided that im suffering from dp/dr as a defence mechanism of coping with PTSD. at first they said i have dp/dr as a symptom of depression...although i think/thought it was the other way round. after a session with my pyschologist last night he seems to think i have PTSD after the death of my grandmother last year, which makes sense to me. can anyone else relate to this? hope ur all ok...look forward to anyone replying :) c xxxx :lol:
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wow i wasn't expecting so much response! thank you to you all for your theories..although im slightly confused its interesting to know people's views. i have done some reading up on PTSD, and it all points to some sort of traumatic car crash, bomb etc. i try to understand why two highly professional pyschs would put me under this category..and the only thing i can think of is that maybe a 'traumatic stressor' can be different for each and every sufferer. for eg. someone who survived 9/11 may have been able to cope reasonably well, but the death of their child has left them completely devastated. or vica versa. surely if you haven't experienced an extreme trauma you have nothing to judge this by. i think what im trying to say is that as i have not been in any severe situation such as 9/11 i have absolutely no idea, and couldnt even begin to imagine, what this might feel like. however, the death of my nan and closest and best friend is something that has paralysed me to the extent that i cannot live my life as 'normal' (though what that is i have no idea!). i dont think im exlpaining this very well...except to me losing my nan (especially the way that she died) is the biggest 'trauma' ive ever had to experience in my 21 yrs on this planet. any thoughts anyone? once again thank you for your replies...hope everyones ok (or as 'ok' as possible!) :) cx
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thanks for your reply i think its really interesting to hear ur lectures lol! when my therapist was telling me about it he said that the symptoms i have...nightmares, flashbacks of the funeral, flashbacks of seeing my nan dying, numbing and otherwise 'blocking out' the whole event are closer to PTSD than just normal (i use the term loosely lol) depression. also i suffer really badly from dp/dr and he doesn't know an awful lot about it, which is ok by least he's being open and honest with me. he's a brilliant therapist, and is willing to learn about it with me. he said that for treatment, he feels that using a therapy more aimed at PTSD than CBT would benefit me more, but would try and 'build in' other ways of addressing my dp/dr. does this make sense? lol cx
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