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Anyone else have PTSD?

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Hiya guys...just wondering does anyone else have dp/dr as a part of post traumatic stress disorder? my pyschs have decided that im suffering from dp/dr as a defence mechanism of coping with PTSD. at first they said i have dp/dr as a symptom of depression...although i think/thought it was the other way round. after a session with my pyschologist last night he seems to think i have PTSD after the death of my grandmother last year, which makes sense to me. can anyone else relate to this? hope ur all ok...look forward to anyone replying :) c xxxx :lol:
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Hey Cesart, welcome.

I got DP/DR a few years after the death of my brother, so I can relate to where you're coming from.

Its good that you are seeing a therapist, it takes courage to get help and begin unravelling the problem. Good luck.
"IT IS DIFFERENT and has a different outcome."

Hey Dreamer, could you explain how it's "DIFFERENT", and the nature of this "different outcome." I don't follow your argument.
Cesart ?

Sounds like you are taking all the right steps, being open minded but clear about your needs.

The first time I read a list of the symptoms of PTSD six months ago I experienced an intense identification. "My God this has been the past 15 years of my life."

Dreamer ? No offence, but I completely disagree with you ? these are all simply terms, signposts on the road that allow us and doctors to communicate with each other... there's no clearly delineated line between the relative trauma of "death of grandmother," and "experience of direct threat to life." Individual experience and reaction is much more complicated than that, there are too many factors that play into how an individual will emotionally and psychologically respond, you can't catagorize it from outside. You CAN compare symptoms and see if they line up with other's experience. I think I'm talking to the right crowd here, can y'all relate?

Perhaps ask yourself why you are so insistant of your speculation that PTSD is currently over-diagnosed. You might come up with an interesting answer.

My brother's death was a suicide. Does that make it more awful than Cesart's loss? I don't think so. The entire concept that "that's worse, THAT's worser, and THAT's the WORSTEST!" is illogical, flawed and leads to misunderstandings between people. I don't think its healthy to compare trauma this way.
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