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Anyone else have PTSD?

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Hiya guys...just wondering does anyone else have dp/dr as a part of post traumatic stress disorder? my pyschs have decided that im suffering from dp/dr as a defence mechanism of coping with PTSD. at first they said i have dp/dr as a symptom of depression...although i think/thought it was the other way round. after a session with my pyschologist last night he seems to think i have PTSD after the death of my grandmother last year, which makes sense to me. can anyone else relate to this? hope ur all ok...look forward to anyone replying :) c xxxx :lol:
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We all have suffered some sort of trauma in our life, varying in it's degrees of severity, and we've all certainly experienced the same with stress. It might be PTSD or it might not. I think (and i'm strictly hypothesizing here)...but i think that has to do more with sudden, unexpected trauma like a car crash or terrorist attack. I could be wrong but that's what i always thought it was. In any case, and with all due respect, these psychs your using sound as utterly in the dark as usual, and in any case the end result leaves you with DP which, as far as i can surmise, is a disorder kept cogent by anxiety. My thoughts on this are that it doesn't really matter how one ends up with this, but it's how they deal with it once they have it that counts.

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