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Anyone else have PTSD?

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Hiya guys...just wondering does anyone else have dp/dr as a part of post traumatic stress disorder? my pyschs have decided that im suffering from dp/dr as a defence mechanism of coping with PTSD. at first they said i have dp/dr as a symptom of depression...although i think/thought it was the other way round. after a session with my pyschologist last night he seems to think i have PTSD after the death of my grandmother last year, which makes sense to me. can anyone else relate to this? hope ur all ok...look forward to anyone replying :) c xxxx :lol:
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These "disorders" are not something that were etched in stone and handed to us from God in the beginning of time. They were voted into existance(literally) by a bunch of crusty old men(with obviously way too much time on their hands!) and written into the psychiatric bible(dsm??) Homosexuality was once written into the "bible" as a mental illness. Now that it is accepted it has been removed. There is absolutely no doubt people suffer mentally but trying to connect your mental symptoms to these MAN-MADE titles is pointless. Breaking down mental suffering into a million different categories and then calling each of them a different disease is a joke.
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