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sometimes my dp gets really bad where its like I got a tight feeling in my head and then I feel like nothing and my eyes are really heavy and it feels like im just going to pass out or disappear hard to explain but I feel like that a lot but it gets really bad after I have a smoke everytime I feel like that its just like I want to hide in a dark room and never come anyone else feel like that sometimes

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Apr 30 2014 09:16 AM

I used to get that... It went away after the first few months, I still get the tight feeling sometimes though... Wishing you the best!

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May 04 2014 03:46 PM

yea i get this pressure in my head and and i cant think straight and have a real hard time even talking or putting sentences together in those moments. but they usually pass after a while but sum days hey last the whole day. what started your DR/DP?? im trying to see if i have things in common with ppl who suffer the same things i do
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