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Anyone else extremely sensitive to supplements and certain foods/drinks?

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My body is so bloody sensitive. Whenever i try taking multivitamins, my system goes into overdrive and I have a massive come down after i come off of them. It is like I have been taking cocaine rather than something which is supposed to nourish you. It is the same with coffee. Just one coffee is enough to give me a massive high followed by a soul crushing come down. It's ridiculous. My doctor has suggested that my liver has a slow metabolism, which means I have a greater reaction to certain things. Nevertheless it is good that I now have an awareness of these sensitivities as I feel better as a result of avoiding certain things. No more trialling supplements for me. Just putting it out there in case others are having similar reactions and are better not taking them.

People can also have sensitivity to certain foods. I found out i am gluten intolerant last year, which can cause mental illness. Check out Mikhaila Peterson's blog, 'Don't Eat That'. She was able to beat depression and an auto immune disorder by cutting things out of her diet.
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That's no loss, because multivitamins are not only useless but actually harmful. There's been a lot of research on it in the recent years.
Ah right, well maybe my body is trying to tell me something then
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