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Everytime i either open my eyes or decide to look around, this feeling/vision is there.
Everything looks like either a still image or moving image is put in front of my face depending on if im moving or not.
Heres an example: i just woke up and need more sleep since my sleep pattern is very broken up and upon opening my eyes with everything very dark, i stared ahead looking at some shadowy objects in the room but it was like they were just an image of them in front of my eyes.
Its very hard to put into words. It feels like your blind to accually seeing the realness of things. This is what makes everything feel unreal to me because it feels like im interacting with moving pictures instead of real things and cant get the sense of realness back no matter what i do. It looks like im dreaming and that i should just open my eyes and "wake up". Usually when i first wake up, i have a little relief since i am aware i just woke up from sleep but it always comes back once the grogginess is gone. I shake my head to try to get this feeling to go away as if shaking my head will "reset" my brain or something. The only thing ive found to help this is getting emmersed in something i enjoy like watching a show, drawing, listening to music or researching something. The main problem is it comes right back once my focus isnt on something im doing. It feels like IT controls ME so i essentially feel powerless all the time. This feeling even leaks into every interaction i have, even with people.
It feels like my brain just cant unsee this type of perception and im stuck with it forever...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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