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So I was thinking why people suffering from depersonalization dont recover much faster then you think they would. You would think that when people discover that the things they are feeling are from a harmless dis order would make their recovery rapidly quicker, but that's not the case. Why? Because the big problem with depersonalization is doubt. Even though you know you really are alive and suffering from this there's still that doubt and little bit of belief like "what if this is a dream?" "What if none of this real" "what if I'm not seeing any of this" "are any of you real" "did I create this?" That doubt and little belief keeps you depersonalized. That doubt that maybe you're not dealing from depersonaliAtion but that you have just learned what the world really is is what keeps you depersonalized. I think philisophical thinking is probably one of he huge factors in keeping you depersonalized. My advice, including for myself, is drop the philisophical. If I'm correct, I think dropping the doubt and realizing the world is real because it really is and the only thing that's changed is your perception would leave to a completely quicker recovery! Just a thought I had. Anyone agree? There's just always that doubt that maybe it's not depersonalization. But it is! :)

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Jun 03 2014 07:32 PM

Yes I agree that a lot of people do keep themselves in this state of mind for longer than they should but it's not entirely there fault. People have to understand something, when this happens, depersonalization, your brain is in self protection mode and is healing from whatever that person did to it, drugs, depression, over stressed. A lot of people do not fully understand the nature of how this works. This is the 3rd time going through this in my life and 7 years ago when it happen to me for the 2nd time, there was hardly any info about this, so like a lot of people I was constantly trying to figure it out and had all these philosophical thoughts about everything because I had nothing to go by because doctors haven't a clue still about this whole thing which is extremely frustrating. Now that there is more info and people sharing there stories, I can finally give some grounding. I have had it now for 2 months and I feel better than I did when I first got it. Not a whole lot better but better. The doubt that its not depersonalization can be proved by having blood test and MRI's. If everything come back normal, than there can be no other explanation that I can think of.

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Jun 06 2014 05:15 AM

i completely agree . its the thinking '' i found something out. or i cant unthink what i have thought now'' that keeps me in this. We are not allowing our brain to recover with this. But it is hard. dp takes away what u need to get out of it. cause it truly tricks u. How to break the cycle im still struggling with. but letting go of all those thoughts is very hard but i think its the only way. Trust that by letting them go it wont make them true.

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Jun 08 2014 04:36 PM

I agree, it's what keep's getting me, sometimes it's totally random. usually if i don't think about it, it goes away or makes it far more bearable.

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Jun 09 2014 11:50 PM

Very very smart insightful post!

When you really think about it this type of thinking is an endless chain of worrying (anxious) thoughts that lead to frightening scenarios...We are a true bunch of worriers in the extreme!

Now how do we stop the worrying...Thats the question we need answered!
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