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Hi, I dunno if anybody else gets this, but when I watch our big screen TV I feel like my eyes are funny, like goggle eyed, it feels like my brain is straining to accept the picture almost, its weird and hard to describe, my brian feels relaxed ISH when I look at normal things, btu when I watch TV I find it feels like it is straining!?!?

:? more confusion..

I have an appointment with a cousellor tomorrow, I am going ot tell him/her that my brain went surreal and dream-like and has remained that way for 3 months or so, and I bet they have not got a clue what DR actually is, or what to do about it, I am sure I need a psychiatrist or something that deals in this area, I dont need sombody to talk to about problems! I need somebody who understands MY problem and can actually probe MY MIND to maybe find out if there is a deep routed problem that maybe even i dont know about.

anybody know what I mean? anyway..

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the refreshing / moving frames on the tv stiumlate your brain, your eyes have to deal with alot more flashing of lights. dp/dr im guessing is more sensitive to this, as when i read smething on a computer screen for too long a time really focussing on it, and look away, i feel weird.
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