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Dear Gimpy,
You never know what might help.

I've said before, I have had MUCH improvement with Klonopin (now take the generic) and with Lamictal (that has a subtle effect.)

There is one person on this board I know whose DP/DR was completely eliminated by Neurontin.

I went through a trial of anti-convulsants in the 1990s. I had no response to any. Tegretol, Neurontin, Depakote. But go figure. I swear each one of us responds differently.

My DP/DR seems to be more treatment resistent sp? and as a result, I have no reactions AT ALL to many drugs. (Haven't been doing trials for about 6 years now? I'm happy with what I've got.)

It seems to be hit and miss.

I don't get positive results, I don't get negative results.

There is also someone who used to post on the board here. He has severe depression, OCD, and severe DP/DR. He has had NO reaction to any drug he has ever taken. I swear to God. He is on disability. Name a drug, he's tried it.

Different metabolism.

Keep trying. Do what YOU feel is best for you.

Take Care,
D 8)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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