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anybody taken desipramine? and a theory

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Desipramine is a tricyclic that increases levels of norepinephrine. Its action on serotonin and dopamine are next to nothing. I have just been prescribed this and for some reason am strangely optimistic. I have been on nearly every AD, anti-psychotic, anticonvulsant, etc.

Was wondering if anybody else has taken this and what your thoughts are.

Reasons I am optimistic: The only AD that has ever made my depression better is Wellbutrin which works most strongly on norepinephrine, followed by dopamine. The downside to Wellbutrin- it causes anxiety/panic type symptoms and I have to take it with a benzo, which after 5 years, have ruined my cognition and memory and which also depress me. All SSRIs have made my DP and depression worse, as well as my anxiety. The same goes for Effexor and Cymbalta. The only meds that have helped my anxiety are benzos and anti-epileptics (but which make me stupid and depressed), Remeron, and antipsychotics. Remeron makes my DP worse (it works on serotonin and norepinephrine) but works well for panic attacks and is mediocre for depression- but just not worth it. Antipsychotics made my DP horrible and totally numbed and depressed- however, they could kill my anxiety and give me control over my thoughts somewhat.

What is the common link between Remeron and antipsychotics that could make them work well on anxiety? Their action on histamine receptors. If you have ever taken old school antihistamines like Benadryl, they can really mellow you out (but space you out). Their has been proven evidence between the relation of histamine and anxiety/depression, though it has been almost completely ignored.

The reason I am optimistic about desipramine is the fact it only increases levels of norepinephrine (remember, anything to do with serotonin made things worse for me) and it is also an antagonist at histamine receptors, so hopefully it will help my panic attacks as well as my depression, and I can get off Klonopin all together.

OK, done. Long rant there but hopefully one that will serve true. I took a tiny dose of desipramine this morning and it zapped my panic dramatically, but it is way too early for the antidepressant effects to start kicking in. It has left me a little spacy, but that is a common effect when people first starting taking TCAs.

Cross your fingers.
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I am with you 110 %.

I take a stimulant (dopamine), so far it helped focus, and all meds before failed like yours, I had SAME history.

I also take a SSRI, but plan to change.

Good luck


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